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About Dr Dimitrios Lekkas

Dimitrios Lekkas was appointed as Assistant Professor in Mathematics in September 2022, where he is the course leader of Mathematical Methods I and III, taught to Northeastern University Mobility students.

He comes from Athens, Greece where he completed his BSc in Pure and Applied Mathematics in 2014. He then obtained a Master’s in Mathematics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich in 2017, where he also worked for Credit Suisse as a modelling analyst. From 2017 until 2023 he was a postgraduate student at University College London where he obtained his PhD in the area of analytic number theory. His doctoral thesis title is “A relative trace formula and counting geodesic segments in the hyperbolic plane”. During his studies at UCL, he worked as Postgraduate Teaching Assistant in Mathematics and Academic Writing.

PhD in Mathematics (Number Theory), University College London (2023)
MSc in Mathematics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich (2017)
BSc in Pure and Applied Mathematics (double major), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece (2014)


Dr Dimitrios Lekkas's Research

Dimitrios’ research lies in the spectral theory of automorphic forms and its applications to counting problems in number theory. More generally he is interested in applying analytical methods to answer number-theoretic questions. During his PhD he studied an analogue to the Gauss hyperbolic circle problem. Aside from the spectral theory of automorphic forms, he was exposed to interesting questions in hyperbolic geometry and to a vast amount of special functions, most notably the hypergeometric function and Weyl integral transforms which he has become very comfortable working with. He also studied several large sieve inequalities and proved a new large sieve inequality for squares of periods of Maass forms.

During his master’s at ETH and especially through his master’s thesis “Linnik’s ergodic theorem and applications to distribution problems in number theory” he studied the interactions between the areas of ergodic theory and number theory.

Dr Dimitrios Lekkas's Teaching

At Northeastern University London, Dimitrios has been teaching:

  • Mathematical Methods I (Fall and Spring term 22/23)
  • Mathematical Methods III (Spring term 23)

Dimitrios has also been involved as a tutor or marker with the following courses at UCL

  • Analysis I,II, III
  • Linear Algebra I, II
  • Further Linear Algebra

Most notably he was the problem class teacher of Analysis IV (Real Analysis).