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About Dr Sam Mutter

Sam Mutter (he/him) is one of the newest members of the Mathematics team at Northeastern University London, where he mainly teaches mobility students. Over the last five years, he has striven to promote Maths both as a tool for advancing knowledge in other fields, and as an art in itself.

Sam was educated at the Universities of Sheffield, Barcelona, and Newcastle, receiving his PhD at the latter in 2022. His research specialises in Pure Mathematics: specifically the intersection of the theory of graphs (made famous by Good Will Hunting), and operator algebras.

Dr Sam Mutter's Research

Sam’s publications include two as first author, and a number of outreach articles in magazines, like this one:

Higher-dimensional dominoes and k-rank graphs
Newsletter of the London Mathematical Society 496 (2021),

You can keep track of his research here

He has presented his research at over a dozen events locally, online, and worldwide, has organised national seminar series, and has been part of the organisational team for two international conferences.

Dr Sam Mutter's Teaching

At Northeastern, Sam is the course leader for Mathematical Methods II. This is broadly equivalent to a Calculus II course, with emphasis on applications to Science, Social Sciences, Engineering and beyond. He also contributes to a number of other courses, such as Mathematical Methods I and Calculus for Business.

His teaching style focusses on the applicability of Maths to other fields, while not neglecting the beauty of abstractness. He is particularly interested in the context in which mathematical methods were first developed (often in overlooked parts of the World), so is always happy to chat about the History of Science.