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About Dr Hossein Dabbagh

Dr Hossein Dabbagh is an Assistant Professor in Applied Ethics in the Faculty of Philosophy. He is also acting as an Interim Diploma Course Leader.

He studied for his PhD in moral philosophy at the University of Reading and Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. He is an associate member of the Oxford Department of Continuing Education

Before joining Northeastern University London, he was an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, a Seminar Leader at Oxford Blavatnik School of Government, a Research Assistant at Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies and the Institute of Ismaili Studies, Aga Khan Centre, and an Honorary Research Fellow at the UCL Institute of Education.

As a holder of an Exceptional Talent Endorsement from The British Academy, Hossein engages with a wider range of value systems. He examines ideas beyond the Western canon, including Persian and Islamic philosophy.

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Dr Hossein Dabbagh's Research

Hossein’s published research stretches across four broad fields: moral philosophy, political theology, practical ethics and cognitive linguistics. He has been trained in both Western Anglo-American and Islamic philosophical traditions and is therefore able to engage with and contribute to the study and teaching of both schools of thought.

Hossein publishes in English and Persian. Among his recent publications (in English) are:

Hossein also contributes to the Oxford Uehiro Centre’s Blog (Practical Ethics in the News) and other public forums such as the Conversation, What to do about now? blog (UCL) and the New Arab.

For access to some of Hossein’s publications, see here.

Languages: Persian, Arabic, and English

Dr Hossein Dabbagh's Teaching

Hossein has given undergraduate lectures and graduate seminars on various moral and political philosophy subjects: Values and Virtues, Moral Brain, Ethics of AI, Theories of Fairness and Justice, Biomedical Ethics, and Ethics of War. He has also given lectures on Metaphor and Cognition, Introduction to Logic, Theory of Knowledge, and Critical Thinking.

He gives tutorials on Ethics, Social-Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion and supervises undergraduate and graduate students on: Moral and Political Philosophy, Practical Ethics and Cognitive Metaphors.

At Northeastern University London, he teaches Applied Ethics, Technology and Human Values and gives tutorials on Political Philosophy and Ethics. He also teaches for the Program.


Teaching Appointments:  

  1. Oxford Global Development Institute, Regent’s Park College. Tutor: Social Injustice and Poverty.

2020-2021. Oxford Blavatnik School of Government. Seminar Leader: Public Policy and Philosophy.

2020-Present. Oxford Department for Continuing Education. Tutor: Epistemology and Introduction to Ethics.

2019-2022. Aga Khan Centre’s Institute of Ismaili Studies. Co-module leader: Islamic Law, Ethics and Society.

2016-2019. Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. Module leader and lecturer: Introduction to Logic, Critical Thinking, Ethics of War, Values and Virtues, etc.