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About Dr Naomi Wynter-Vincent

Dr Wynter-Vincent is Assistant Professor in English at Northeastern University London. Her teaching specialisms include academic writing, creative writing, and psychoanalysis. Naomi holds a first degree in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge, two Masters degrees in Creative and Critical Writing (University of Sussex) and Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies (University College London), and a PhD in English from the University of Sussex.



PhD English (University of Sussex)

MSc Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies (University College London)

MA Creative and Critical Writing (University of Sussex)

BA/MA Social and Political Sciences (University of Cambridge)

Dr Naomi Wynter-Vincent 's Research

Dr Wynter-Vincent’s research interests are in 20th century literature, creative writing, and the literary medical humanities, with a particular focus on experimental literatures and creative process; the history and theory of somatic, complementary and esoteric therapies; and the psychoanalytic theory of Wilfred Bion. Naomi presents regularly at academic conferences, including BAMS (British Association for Modernist Studies), AMH (Association for Medical Humanities), and the Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research. Her first book, Wilfred Bion and Literary Criticism, was published in 2021.


Published reviews and articles

Wilfred Bion and Literary Criticism (Routledge, 2021)

‘Another Uncanny with Wilfred Bion’ (Oxford Literary Review 42.2, 2020)


‘In C: Towards a ‘Bionian’ theory of Creativity’ (British Journal of Psychotherapy, 2022)

In progress:

‘Magnified Fears, Microscopic Remedies: Examining the Shared Imaginary of Vaccination and Homeopathy’ (Paper for Association for Medical Humanities)

Dr Naomi Wynter-Vincent 's Teaching

Dr Wynter-Vincent teaches the course, ‘First Year Writing Studio’.